The short rad stands for "recursive after date".
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RAD (recursive after date) is a bash script for keeping two big folders in sync fast. This is archieved by only copying the last changes after a certain date. Originally it was created to keep a Nextcloud Twin in sync to a running Nextcloud Instance, for fast recovery.

When doing that, keep in mind that decks are not stored in data. You can periodically export the decks data of each user to its data dir.

This can be achieved by the command:

sudo -u www-data /var/www/nextcloud/occ decks:export <user-id> > /var/www/nextcloud/data/<user-id>/files


Go to the folder containing the folder that you want to backup.

For example, to backup /var/www/nextcloud/data, do

cd /var/www/nextcloud

Then create the backupfolder and go into it

mkdir data-backup
cd data-backup

Now you should be in


whereas the data folder should be in the same dir as data-backup


Now change the variables accordingly in the extract and inject script.

The extract script will create a copy of data and its subdirs, if they contain data after the date specified.

After that, the inject script will copy to folder specified in the script.