Aims to redistribute for stability of systems for all
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License of Redistribution 1.0
_Version 1.0, March 2024_
Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.
### Preamble
We have global problems.
All of us are loosing the abilities to get the required general understanding and consciousness.
A middle class thats fading is not smart under this circumstances.
As it is not smart to invest Billions in millions of dead young soldiers.
All 4 former sentences seem to exist apart from each other.
But they are concentrated in the information hierarchy, the internet has evolved in its years since its birth.
And this concentration of information thus profit for individuals is addressed in the first and last point in Section 1.
Every Software that is useful is some sort of automation.
Automation which is created from information owned by the general public.
Especially programs of cognitive automation represent a statistical virtualization of cognitively performed work.
This implies the following: A virtualization of the brains of those who have done this work should be (at least) partly theirs in terms of ownership respectively decisions about it.
These two formulated ownership relations are the basis for the following license.
## Definition of terms
In the following license the term organism will be used. An organism is defined as a company together with its companies.
in any ownership. As ownership is difficult to define, the following will use property as the hardcoded definition.
There will be a company owned by a too big company that is not property of it.
But the other way around only happens, if this licence has no worth anymore.
An organism in this sense is a society and its subsidiaries.
But also in the case of an Individual owning a company, both of them represent an organism.
Organisms that comply with the form described in Section 1 below may use the hereby licensed work under the GNU public v3 license to exploit, use, copy and modify.
## Section 1
1. The wage for each individual working in the organism does not exceed a factor of 20 multiplied by the smallest wage in the organism
2. The following point does not apply to Non Profit Organisations
Any profit or surplus resulting from the first scheme is the property of a democratic foundation.
This foundation must decide according to the principle of consent how the surplus is to be used in projects of social welfare.
Furthermore, in the case of cognitive automation - this foundation must be owned and controlled democratically by
the persons who, through their work which was converted to data points, have structures of their brains
statistically captured in the machine representation automating their task to a certain accuracy.
3. Disclosure of all business practices, production chains and other information related to the here stated points in section 1
is made upon request of any person from outside.
4. If the expenditure for compliance with the preceding points 1 to 3 inclusive
can not be made, then this must be justified and remedied with the first surplus.
5. The organism is not working :
- within the framework of the arms industry
- within the framework of the nuclear industry
- within the framework of the surveillance industry (including surveilling public authorities)
- within the framework of the military industry (including military)
- within any framework supporting punishment of drug use
- within the framework of prison industry
- within the framework supporting punishment of piracy
- with a company that may violate human rights
- with a company that communicates racism or any other kind of hate agains classes of humans in an automated fashion.
6. The organism does not communicate rascism or any other kind of hate against classes of humans
7. The organism will, if it produces a server used or paid by others, take care to build servers owned by the users.
Owned by the users means in its purest sense built by the users.
## Section 2
For all other organisms this work is licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
They are not allowed to make money in any direct or indirect means by exploiting, using, copying or modifying it.